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cPCI Blade Remotely Monitors WANs

Designed for edge and enterprise level communications systems, the HDTBlade CompactPCI blade promises high-performance monitoring of multiple T1/E1 ports from remote locales. The board employs a multi-board architecture consisting of a 6U CompactPCI 2.16-compliant packet-processing blade with a PowerPC-based ProcessorPMC module and a rear-transition module. It also relies on an intelligent platform management interface sub-system for monitoring board voltage conditions, system status, and to determine slot position. Additionally, the board enlists a Wintegra network processor to support two Fast Ethernet ports. Target applications include protocol and application monitoring, service level agreement management, communications security and intelligence monitoring, and network testing and debugging. A Linux support package is also included. Single-unit price is $8,495. SBS TECHNOLOGIES, Albuquerque, NM. (505) 875-0600.


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