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cPCI Board Monitors And Controls Mission-Critical Systems

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Claimed to be a first of its kind, the SysMon 6U hot-swap CompactPCI board with transition module uses Internet-based technology to monitor and control all vital parameters of a system. The board is said to contain all the intelligence needed to perform these operations, while the transition module provides the interface to all the I/O. Complementing SysMon is SysMonWare, an Internet-based, human graphical interface that allows the user to view all system functions remotely.
The board monitors six points of enclosure temperature, fan rotation, dc voltages, CPU activity, blower speed, and the number of functioning boards in the system. The transition module provides the interface to all I/O, including fans, blowers, temperature sensors, switches, relay, and RJ-45. The blowers can run at full speed, half speed, or off, with tachometer monitoring checking the rpm of up to eight fans or blowers. A software-based watchdog monitors the CPU. SysMon, SysMonWare and a transition module costs $995.

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