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cPCI Card Craves Compute-Intensive Apps

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Packing either one or two Socket 370 (FC-PGA), 600-MHz Pentium III processors, as well as the Intel 840 chipset and the high-speed CompactPCI bus, the ZT 5522 System Master CPU board is designed for telecomm, Internet and industrial control applications requiring high computing bandwidth and a core set of embedded features.
The Socket 370 footprint supports future scalability to more powerful processors; the 840 chipset helps bring to the card high-speed on-board I/O, including a 100-MHz front side bus and dual memory bus channels. In addition, the board is equipped with dual 64-bit PCI bridges that allow it to drive up to 14 cPCI peripheral cards. Other features include support of ECC SDRAM configurations of up to 4 Gbytes, support of Windows NT, Linux and VxWorks operating systems, and the ability to host hot-swap peripherals. Price: $5595.

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