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cPCI Card Set Delivers High Density Network Access

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The RS4200C CompactPCI 56K/ISDN network-access card set combines eight T1/PRI or E1/PRI interfaces with up to 168 ports of modem, ISDN, GSM and PHS access in a 12U space. The set consists of two cards: the 6U RS4100C network interface card (NIC) and the 6U MP5000 168-port DSP/modem card. The NIC offers eight T1/E1 PRI ISDN interfaces that support Robbed-Bit Signaling (RBS) and T1/E1 clear channelized signaling.
ISDN support includes HDLC, Q.921 and Q.931 and the NIC is compatible with PRI protocol variants that includes 4ESS, 5ESS, National ISDN-2 (NI-2), DMS-100, ETSI NET5, NTT and TS014. The DSP/modem can handle up to 169 network-access sessions from any combination of modem, ISDN, GSM or PHS wireless customer equipment. The MP5000 baseboard provides 96 ports and three mezzanine sites that accommodate 24-port modules. Price for the card set starts at $20,484.

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