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cPCI SBC Has PCI-To-PCI Bridge

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This industrial, 3U CompactPCI single-board computer, the GW2501, features a 266-MHz Cyrix MediaGX processor, 10/100Base-TX Ethernet, SVGA video with flat panel support, up to 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, 24-bit digital I/O, and an 8-Mbyte Sandisk IDE flash disk. The board also comes with DOS in flash and includes a full set of PC peripherals, including IDE, floppy, USB, two serial ports, a parallel port, AT keyboard controller, and PS/2 mouse. Other features of this industrial card include serial port console redirect, battery backed real-time clock, and a watchdog timer. Typical power consumption is 10W at 266 MHz and only 5W at 133 MHz. A dedicated PCI-to-PCI bridge allows the board to support seven bus mastering CompactPCI slots. And standalone operation of the SBC is also possible.

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