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cPCI SBC Touts Rear I/O-Based Design

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For CompactPCI applications requiring that the I/O module be replaced without disturbing the cabling to the module, the VMICPCI-7715 single-board computer (SBC) controller board features a rear I/O-based design. The single-slot card also provides a PMC expansion site and optional LVDS rear I/O for flat-panel display support.
Dedicated features for embedded applications include: support for up to 288 MB of disk-on-chip flash memory; three programmable 16-bit timers; 32 KB of non-volatile SRAM; a software-selectable watchdog timer with reset; and a passive heatsink. Other features include support for Pentium IIIs up to 850 MHz, up to 512 MB of SDRAM, Ultra-DMA-33 IDE controllers, a 64-bit C&T AGP SVGA controller with 2 MB of SGRAM, and two USB ports. Starting price is $2,129.

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