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cPCI Serial Mesh Backplane Debuts In Benchtop Chassis

Reportedly representing the first benchtop chassis suited for applications employing the new CompactPCI Serial Mesh Backplane (CSMB) architecture, this new version of the company's 8-slot T-Frame system is designed to provide all the functionality and control called for in a test and development chassis housing a fully compliant CSMB. The T-Frame with CSMB system allows developers to access and monitor boards without extender cards, with the system's open-frame design providing easy access to both front and rear boards for probes and debugging. The12U-high unit is mounted on a tilt stand to ease access to plug-in cards. Both upper and lower fan-equipped air chambers are provided for cooling the chassis. The CSMB, which supports the high-speed data transfers encountered in ATM, frame relay, 3G wireless, and other systems, supports data transfer rates of up to 700 Gb/s, with its data channels arranged in a "mesh" configuration to give each slot a full set of interconnects to every other slot. In addition, the new standard offers a parallel capability to new PICMG 3.X configurations in the AdvancedTCA architecture. Price of the T-Frame with Serial Mesh Backplane starts at $4,795. For more details, call Michael Long at TRACEWELL SYSTEMS INC., Westerville, OH. (800) 848-4525.


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