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cPCI System Processor Sports High-Availability Controller

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The cPCI-CXS 6U CompactPCI system processor board is a PICMG-compliant unit with high-availability hot-swap controllers on a standard dual-slot 6U form factor. Features include a 433-MHz Celeron CPU with on-die 128-kbyte L2 cache. Also on the board is Intel's 440BX AGPset graphics chips, a 66-MHz system bus and a PGA370 CPU socket.The cPCI-CXS is pin-out compatible to the firm's 6U family of cPCI system processors, including the TEK-CPCI-1003. It can be used with all of the firm's standard mezzanine cards to expand its interface capabilities from seven to 14 cPCI I/O slots. The board carries up to 768 Mbytes of ECC SDRAM using standard DIMMs. Its high-availability controller supports up to seven cPCI I/O slots. Other features include PCI Ultra DMA-33 EIDE hard-drive interface and a SCSI 3 interface.

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