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cPCI Systems Mount On DIN Rails

Rail-Man family of high-performance 3U cPCI embedded computers come packaged in industry-standard DIN-rail assemblies. Based the latest generation of Pentium-class K6-2(E) and K6-3 CPUs operating at speeds up to 450 MHz, the new SBCs also offer a wide range of communications and networking interfaces, such as high-speed FireWire and 100-Mb Ethernet. The cards are designed for industrial cabinets or for use as a standalone, self-contained computer. They meet all international safety standards and come complete with up to 64 MB of on-board SDRAM (expandable to 128 MB) and a 4 MB high-resolution graphics controller for VGA output, Master Fieldbus/PanelLink connection, Fast Ethernet, FireWire, USB and COM, LPT, EIDE, mouse and keyboard interfaces.

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