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CPU Board Suits Embedded Web Servers

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Targeting network-accessible applications such as embedded web servers, the 4C28 is a high integration, low power, AT-compatible CPU board implemented on the PC/104 bus. The board features a 10BaseT Ethernet interface, 40 MHz 386SX compatible CPU/chipset, and 2, 4, or 8 MB of RAM depending on the model. On-board flash disk can be either 8 MB or 16 MB. A minimal Linux installation that supports the board's hardware and runs from the flash drive is available. The BIOS, normally 128 KB but expandable to 256 KB, can be configured to skip various device probes at startup, speeding system boot-up in embedded applications. On-board I/O includes two 16C550 type RS-232 ports, a bi-directional parallel port, floppy interface, an IDE interface, and an eight-input, 12-bit a/d converter. Fit with 4 MB of RAM, pricing is $261 each/100.

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