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CPU Boards Deliver Dual Processor Support

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Supporting dual 500 MHz or 700 MHz Pentium III processors, the company's 6U CPU boards support up to 1.5 GB of SDRAM in either a single-slot 4HP or dual-slot 8HP board. They are available as either a system or peripheral CPU board. CPU boards come with 256 KB of on-die L2 cache, the Intel GX AGP chipset, a 100 MHz front side bus (FSB), 64-bit PCI bus, and SCSI-2 LVDS. Both board types feature hot-swap capability, dual Ethernet interfaces, a IPMI controller, and passive cooling. The dual 700 MHz, 8HP master CPU board costs $5,598 without DRAM and the dual 700 MHz, 4HP slave CPU board with 256 MB of soldered-in DRAM costs $6,100. ONE STOP SYSTEMS, INC., Escondido, CA. (760) 745-9883.

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