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CPU, Network Connectivity And I/O All Reside On PC/104 Card

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On its PC/104-size area of 3.550" x 3.775", the SOB-104 embedded computer board is said to pack all the functionality commonly found on three separate PC/104 cards-- namely, a 486-class processor running at 100 MHz, 10BaseT Ethernet, and an extensive array of analog and digital I/O circuitry. The new card is expected to help open markets previously closed to or difficult to penetrate by multi-PC/104 board products because of their large size and/or high cost. These are largely mid-range embedded system application areas, such as medical instruments, patient monitoring systems, process control systems, transportation-related applications. Other features of the new PC/104 system-on-board card include up to 32 MB of RAM, 256 KB of flash memory with Datalight BIOS, M-Systems' Disk-on-Chip socket for solid-state nonvolatile storage of up to 144 MB, two serial ports, one parallel port and an AT keyboard port, and optional battery backup with intelligent power management and signaling. SOB-104 card runs on DOS, ROMDOS, Windows 95 and Linux and costs $400 or less in OEM volumes.

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