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CRFM Samples RF At 2.2 GHz

The CRFM-9041, debuting as a wide bandwidth, ultra-fine resolution coherent radio frequency memory (CRFM), samples RF at 2.2 GHz. It captures, stores, and replays RF signals, delaying the signals within a time span up to 7.5 ms with a 1-ns resolution. The CRFM finds employment in multi-functional test applications for developing EW, radar, seeker, and communication systems. Up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth is available with -45-dBc spurs. Configurable for any combination of ECM, radar, and arbitrary-waveform signal generation, the CRFM employs current DSP technology to perform amplitude/phase modulation and ensure a fine resolution Doppler. It fits into a five-slot 6U VME card cage, and comes with a single-board computer, master oscillator, power supply, and either a desktop or rack-mount enclosure. KOR ELECTRONICS, Cypress, CA. (714) 898-8200.


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