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Crimp-Snap Connectors Mate With Shrouded Headers

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Designed as low-cost wire-to-board connectors for use in household and commercial appliance, computers and other products, the CST-100 II crimp-snap contacts and housings mate with specific AMP MTA-100 and CST 100 shrouded headers or similar notched headers. The components incorporate features that prevent improper contact loading and provide solid contact retention. Housings come with polarizing tabs and locking ramps. Contacts are rated for 4A at 250 Vac and accept 22 through 26 AWG wire with a maximum wire-insulation diameter of 0.065". Contact materials are phosphor bronze, pre-tinned, or 15 µ" or 30 µ" gold over nickel. Housings are priced at $0.10 each/100,000 and tin-plated contacts in strip form are $0.124 each/5,500.

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