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Cross-Platform Tools Ease Driver Generation

Generating cross-platform device drivers gets easier with WinDriver 5.0 and KernelDriver 5.0 from Jungo Inc. These cross-platform tools help create device drivers and kernel-level drivers for Solaris, Windows 2000/NT, Windows ME/98/95, Windows CE, NT Embedded, OS/2, and VxWorks. Moving a driver from one platform to another is a matter of retargeting and recompiling.

A graphical wizard is used to select platform and device configuration in both tools. A kernel module reduces the learning curve by handling much of the OS interface details and by providing OS-independent support. The wizard handles PCI, ISA, ISAPnP, and EISA hardware as well as continuous DMA, plug and play, and multiple boards. And, the wizard supports PLX, Altera, QuickLogic, AMCC, V3, and Galileo PCI bridges.

The Linux versions of both tools work with standard Linux distributions. They also can be adjusted to support custom kernel implementations. WinDriver and KernelDriver are available for various Windows platforms, including Windows CE, Vx-Works, Linux, and Solaris. Development platforms include Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

WinDriver for Windows and for Linux is $1999. WinDriver for Solaris is $3999. Kernel-
Driver for Windows is $999. KernelDriver for Linux is $1999.

Jungo Inc., 6 Hagavish St., P.O. Box 8493, Netanya - 42504, Israel; (877) 514-0537; www.jungo.com.

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