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Current Sense Chip Resistor Keeps Cool

Designed fo use in current sensing applications in power supplies, battery chargers, motor controls, and other power electronics, the CC1512FC chip resistor offers a non-inductive performance in standard values ranging from 0.010_ to 10_. This compact device has low thermal resistance from the resistance film to the terminations (Rth = 22.7ºC/W), allowing designers to take advantage of high thermal conductivity substrates such as ceramics. The low thermal resistance also allows the CC1512FC to run cooler on conventional FR-4 boards and to make use of thermal vias, as well as larger pad and trace areas. The non-inductive current path boasts of outstanding HF performance and pulse-handling capabilities. CADDOCK ELECTRONICS INC., Roseburg, OR. (541) 496-0700.


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