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Current Sense Transformer Features Low Profile

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Claimed as having the industryÕs lowest seated profile, the CT317 Series surface mount current sense transformer is well suited for applications where board space is very tight. The ultra compact devices measure 0.284" high by 0.120" wide by 0.160" high.Key electrical parameters include an inductance of 80 to 3,100 mH, a resistance of 0.5W to 6.1W maximum, and an isolation voltage of 500 Vrms minimum. The series offers many turns ratio options and performs optimally at frequencies of 100 kHz and above. Targeted applications are low-profile, high-performance dc/dc converters and switch mode power supplies. Price is $0.89 each in typical production volumes. DATATRONICS, Romoland, CA. (888) 889-5391.

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