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Current Sensor Family Operates Over 50 kHz Bandwidth

The ACS752 current sensors are bidirectional devices using a precision linear Hall-Effect IC optimized to an internal magnetic circuit to increase sensitivity. They operate over a bandwidth of 50 kHz and provide 3 kV of isolation while placing only 130 µ? of resistance in the current path. The high isolation voltage eliminates the need for an opto isolator. Operation is from a single +5V supply. Two versions are available: the ACS752SCA-050 is rated for a current of 50A while the SCA-100 is rated for 100A. The package consists of a two-pin power leadframe that passes current through a ferrite core and past the sensing lead of a three-lead Hall IC. It mounts on pc boards in high volume production environments using standard soldering or welding. Applications are in ac motor control, UPS systems, emergency lighting, welding equipment and power distribution. Pricing is $7.10 each/1,000. ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS INC., Worcester, MA. (508) 853-5000.


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