Electronic Design

Current-To-Voltage Sensor Measures AC Currents Up To 50 A

The EX9PC500 current-to-voltage sensor, a toroidally wound precision coil, gauges ac currents from 0 to 50 A over the range of 47 to 400 Hz. During operation, the current-carrying conductor passes through a 0.31-in. diameter sensor coil center, or "window," without making direct electrical contact. Typical maximum voltage outputs are 440 mV at 50 A with a 10-Ω load and 660-mV at 30 A with a 24-Ω load. The use of low-loss materials assures linearity of 3% or better over wide temperature ranges. Standard dimensions are 31.2 by 17.2 by 27.2 mm, and other ratios and window sizes are available for custom order. The sensor is mounted using four pc-board pins, two of which also provide voltage output connection. Pricing is approximately $2.80 each in OEM quantities.

Bicron Electronics Co.
www.bicronusa.com; (860) 824-5125

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