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Current-To-Voltage Sensor Mounts With Four PCB Pins

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Mounting with only four pc board pins, two of which provide voltage output connection, the EX9PC500 current-to-voltage sensor measures ac currents up to 50A, 47 to 400 Hz. Typical applications of this toroidally-wound precision coil include: current measurement and control; power demand measurement; current signature of motors; load, ground fault and process parameter sensing; and lamp or heater status. In operation, the current-carrying conductor passes through a 0.31'' diameter sensor coil center or “window” without making a direct electrical contact. A linear voltage proportional to the conductor current is induced in the sensor coil, with the sensor coil voltage output capable of being optimized at various current values up to 50A by changing a customer-supplied burden resistor value. Typical maximum voltage outputs reach 440 mV at 50A with a 10_ burden resistance and 660 mV at 30A with a 24_ resistance. The EX9PC500 measures 31.2 mm x 17.2 mm x 27.2 mm, is designed for low-voltage indoor use, and costs $2.80 each/OEM quantities. BICRON ELECTRONICS CO., Canaan, CT. (860) 824-5125.

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