Electronic Design

Customers Can Order Programmable Logic With Pre-Programmed Numerical Keys

QuickLogic Corp. has developed the ability to program unique, customer-supplied numerical keys or serial identification numbers into all of the company’s programmable logic devices. The keys and ID numbers, up to 256 bits long, are incorporated into the device’s programmable fabric and can serve as the basis for a variety of content-protection standards and algorithms. The company notes that designers who pre-program the key into the devices can eliminate the need for specialized non-volatile memories, thus reducing the bill-of-materials costs and freeing up pc-board space.

The numeric value can serve as a serial number for product identification, a private key for data encryption and content protection algorithms, or any other purpose that requires a unique key in each device. QuickLogic implements this capability using a proprietary method and its patented ViaLink technology. The technology also precludes tampering with the programmed information. The company handles all manufacturing and logistical details required to program the user’s value into the devices. This capability is available for solutions based on PolarPro and Eclipse II technologies for less than $0.10 in volume. To learn more, check out www.quicklogic.com.

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