Electronic Design

D-Sub Backshells Trim Weight And Bulk

A new generation back shell for D-subminiature connectors, the A series addresses challenging requirements for EMI/RFI protection and size/weight concerns. The components employ a lightweight aluminum material with a zinc content of less than 1% and sport a larger aperture and strain relief to support high density wire bundles using twisted, shielded pairs. Cable clamps can be spooned to provide strain relief for smaller wire bundles. Other features include up to six grounding points, a spacious interior shaped to facilitate wire routing inside the backshell, and a thumb grip to facilitate installation and removal in tight spaces. Back shells are available with jackscrews as well as quick disconnect locking systems. Options include locking for backshell to board, backshell to panel and back shell to back shell. Price for a Shell Size 1 hood is $39.46 each/100. POSITRONIC INDUSTRIES, Springfield, MI. (800) 641-4054.

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