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DAA Modem Chip Set Squashes Cost, Space, And Power Consumption

Silicon Labs' third-generation silicon DAA (direct access arrangement) modem chip set is aimed directly at embedded modem applications. Among the anticipated applications are point-of-sale (POS) terminals, set-top boxes, digital video recorders, and digital TV sets.

The Si3018/10 DAA chip implements a standard telephone interface. This fully integrated device uses no transformers, relays, hybrids, or other external parts usually needed in a dial-up modem. It complies with virtually all global telephone standards, giving manufacturers a way to offer just one modem version in their laptop or PC rather than a customized version to meet a specific country's standards.

The ISOmodem chip features a DSP that implements all modem functions as well as provides an interface to the DAA chip. This interface consists of two capacitors with a 5-kV rating over which all data and control signals pass between the two chips. There are five models to suit the desired modem speed. The Si2457 meets the full V.90 standard with V.42 and MNP2-4 error correction and V.42bis and NMP5 data compression. Maximum speed is 56 kbits/s. Other models target lower-speed needs.

Key benefits of this chip set are the 50% reduction in bill of materials, 45% reduction in component count, 50% reduction in pc-board area, and 40% reduction in power consumption. Chip set prices start at $7.85 in 10K quantities. Samples are available now, as are reference designs and a development board. Volume production will be available in the third quarter of this year.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.

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