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DAQ Board’s Multifunction Architecture Saves Expansion Slots

Sophisticated timing, frequency and event counting functionality, as well as digital I/O and free software combine to make the Model KPCI-3140 a strong new contender in the market for data acquisition (DAQ) boards and a versatile alternative to use of separate counter, timer and digital I/O cards in PC-based DAQ systems. The PCI card's architecture is organized as two main 16-bit multi-counter/timer sections: a 32-channel digital I/O section, and an interrupt generator.
The counter/timers can monitor and control equipment based on internal or external clocking, gating, or other stimuli and can be cascaded for 32-bit operation. The digital I/O consists of four 8-bit ports programmable for input or output, with each I/O line capable of sourcing 15 mA or sinking 24 mA for direct control of LEDs, generation of TTL-level signals, or use with solid-state relays and control modules. And the card comes bundled with an extensive package of free programs, drivers and utilities. Price: $425.


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