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DAQ Boards Claim New Benchmarks

Reporting a price-versus-performance breakthrough for 16-bit data acquisition boards, the DaqBoard/1000 series PCI DAQ boards provide a wealth of features with an attractive price tag. Features include synchronous analog, digital, and frequency I/O, software support at no extra charge, and DMA-bus mastering. The 16-bit, 200-kHz DaqBoard/1000 provides 16 analog inputs, two analog outputs, 24 digital I/O channels, and six frequency/pulse lines. It comes with the DaqX API library and DaqCOM ActiveX/COM interface. With the exception of two analog outputs, the DaqBoard/1005 is otherwise identical to the DaqBoard/1000 and includes the same software. Single-unit prices for the DaqBoard/1000 and /1005 are $499 and $399, respectively. IOTECH, Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4093.

Company: IOTECH

Product URL: Click here for more information

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