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DAQ Boards Match Performance Of More Costly Units

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Functionally equivalent in performance to National Instruments' PCI-6025E and PCI-6023E data-acquisition boards, the PCI-DAS6025 and PCI-DAS6023 boards offer 16 channels of 12-bit a/d measurements with sample rates up to 200 ksamples/s. Eight discrete, digital bi-directional I/O lines are included and each board supports two counters. The PCI-DAS6025 has two 12-bit analog outputs and an additional 24 digital I/O lines. Each d/a output may be updated at rates to 10 kHz per channel. Software programming libraries for developers and for SoftWIRE graphical programming are included, as well as an installation, calibration and test application. The PCI-DAS6025 and PCI-DAS6023 are priced at $495 and $375, respectively. MEASUREMENT COMPUTING, Middleboro, MA. (508) 946-5100.

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