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DAQ Boards Meld High Speed And Resolution With 64 Channels

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Claiming to offer an exclusive combination of high speed, high resolution and a high channel count on a single PCI data acquisition (DAQ) board, the PCI-DAS64/MX/16 family is designed to provide 64 single-ended or 32 differential 16-bit analog inputs with sample rates up to 3 MHz. In addition, the cards offer 32 bits of digital I/O, one 16-bit down counter, and four models provide two 16-bit analog outputs. The analog outputs are updated via an on-board 16k FIFO and have a 100 kHz maximum update rate.
Other features include single-channel scans, multi-channel scans at 1.5 MHz regardless of gain setting, and an 8 ksample gain-channel queue is available. The boards come with InstaCal, a complete installation, calibration and test program. Prices start at $3,095.

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