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DAQ Cards Get Memory Boost

The company has extended the memories of its line of digitizer cards from a maximum of 4 Mpoints per channel to what it claims to be an umprecedented 16 Mpoints per channel. It is also claimed that the extended memory combined with the cards' sampling rates of up to 2 GS/s allow them to record the highest frequency signals over the longest period of time.
The cards come in single-, dual- and quad-channel models and feature sampling rates from 500 MS/s to 2 GS/s and bandwidths from 150 to 500 MHz. They feature oscilloscope-like performance with input voltage ranges from 50 mv to 5V full scale, 50 ohm and 1-Megaohm coupling, variable offset, internal calibration, input protection, and fast recovery. Pricing is $2990 for a single-channel, 1-GS/s board.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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