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DAQ Cards Offer Wide Range Of I/O Solutions

Designed for use with the company's Omnibus I/O modules that provide a wide range of analog and digital I/O solutions, the Chico module integrates analog and digital data acquisition into PCI-, cPCI-, or PXI-based systems. The module streams data between the PCI bus and the I/O modules allowing for real-time performance.
Capable of simultaneous bi-directional data streaming through the PCI bus while controlling I/O modules, the Chico module works independantly of the host CPU. The company claims that comparable architectures using off-the-shelf PCI interfaces are incapable of sustaining gap-free data acquisition.
No programming is necessary as the board comes with the company's rapid development software, called Armada, that can be used to develop hardware-accelerated, real-time data acquisition and control applications under Windows 9x/NT. Or standard data acquisition packages such as LabView may be used.

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