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DAQ Devices Go Mobile

Whether the application is industrial, academic or for personal interest, the usbDAQ/108 and usbDAQ/109 USB-based data acquisition (DAQ) devices promise multi-function capabilities with simplicity and low cost. Powered via the USB port and fit with screw terminals, they support portability, efficiency, and flexibility. The compact tools provide features such as over-voltage protection on analog lines, a voltage source to power sensors and external devices, and board design. Both provide eight analog input channels, two analog outputs, 12 digital I/O lines, and a 32-bit counter. In addition to a data logging application, both come with a driver supporting TestPoint, LabVIEW, or C programming. The usbDAQ108 delivers 12-bit resolutions at sampling rates up to 10 ksamples/s and the usbDAQ109 provides 14-bit resolutions at speeds to 48 ksamples/s. Prices are $145 and $245 each, respectively. CAPITAL EQUIPMENT CORP., Bedford, NH. (800) 234-4232.


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