DAQ PCIe MiniCard Adds Analog, Digital I/O To Low-Cost Embedded Apps

DAQ PCIe MiniCard Adds Analog, Digital I/O To Low-Cost Embedded Apps

Diamond Systems’ DS-MPE-DAQ0804 rugged data-acquisition PCIe MiniCard module packs eight 16-bit analog input channels, four 16-bit analog output channels, and 21 configurable digital I/O lines. The analog inputs offer single-ended and true differential performance, four programmable input ranges, and 100-kHz aggregate sample rate. In addition, an integrated programmable timer to control analog-to-digital sample rate automatically delivers precise timing and significantly reduces processor overhead. A 2048-sample data FIFO with programmable interrupt threshold further reduces overhead by reducing data-transfer interrupt rate. With such capability in a compact MiniCard form factor, the module makes it possible to add analog and digital I/O features to embedded applications that require low cost, small size, and/or light weight. The 16-bit analog outputs also offer two programmable output-voltage ranges. A low-drift voltage reference helps ensure accurate performance across the ‒40 to +85°C temperature range. The 21 buffered digital I/O lines feature programmable direction in groups of 4, 6, and 8 bits. The lines also can be configured as either 24-bit pulse-width modulators or 32-bit counter-timers, driven by an on-board 50-MHz clock.


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