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DAQ Systems Come With Preloaded Development Software

Including preloaded development software, the DAPserver 500 and DAPserver 500R data-acquisition and control systems combine a five-slot PCI backplane and a 10-slot Eurocard cage in an industrial-grade chassis. A Pentium M processor runs server software on a board that occupies one of the PCI slots while protecting the application from local or network-related delays. The remaining four PCI slots can contain any currently available DAP boards. Each unit includes a SATA hard drive and front-panel handles. The DAPserver 500R uses the same components as the DAPserver 500, built into a specially-engineered package for rugged environments. In addition to Windows software, they come with the DAPtools Professional software package including full versions of DAPcell network and DAPstudio development software preloaded on the hard drive. Users can start development using an Ethernet cable to connect a laptop, or connect the DAPserver to a network and use any PC on the network. Pricing for DAPserver 500 models starts below $5,195 each. MICROSTAR LABORATORIES INC., Bellevue, WA. (888) 678-2752.


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