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Dashboard MCUs Drive Up To Seven Stepper Motors

Debuting as the automotive market’s first fully integrated dashboard microcontrollers (MCUs) capable of driving up to seven stepper motors, the CDC 3207G and CDC 3272G integrate a 16- and 32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC processor core. Both devices also employ a patented, on-chip EMI reduction module and also integrate multi-function ports, a special function ROM (SFR), and multiple patch cells. The CDC 3207G includes three high-speed CAN modules that support all 32 message objects and are compliant to Bosch V2.0B specs. The MCU also features 512 KB of flash memory, 32 KB of RAM, and an 8-KB SFR. With two similar CAN modules, the CDC 3272G is a pin- and software-compatible mask ROM version of the CDC 3207G with a 384-KB mask ROM, 12 KB of RAM, and an 8-KB SFR. Other features of the MCUs include two UARTs, two SPI and two I2C interfaces; they also have a graphic bus. The MCUs operate with a 3.5V to 5V supply and at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 105°C. Available in PQFP128 packages with 100 I/O pins, the CDC 3207G costs


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