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Data Acquisition Board Works With Windows NT

To provide results in real time, DAP 4200a/526 Data Acquisition board for Windows 95/98/NT systems combines 14-bit ADC technology and the latest PCI techniques with proven hardware and software from 12-bit resolution DAP 3200a models. DAPlog Plus, an optimized Windows applications included with the DAP 4200a, logs acquired data to disk continuously at a rate of 1.25 million words per second (2.5MB/s). Each word can hold a single 14-bit sample from an analog channel or from one to 16 single-bit samples from digital channels. When used with DAPlog Plus or any other Windows program, the DAP 4200a/526 dynamically buffers data acquired at its maximum rate for up to five seconds in on-board RAM. This protects an applications from random operating system and network delays.


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