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Data Acquisition System Offers Portability

The Daqbook/260 combines measurement and control I/O with user configurable signal conditioning and signal connection in one compact package. Three internal expansion slots accommodate any combination of signal conditioning and expansion options selected from a comprehensive line of more than 20 boards. A variety of signal connection panels let users customize the system with a mix of input connector types. The 16-bit resolution and 100 kHz sampling rate are coupled with extensive signal conditioning and low cost-per-channel. The basic system has 16 single-ended analog inputs and can be expanded to 64 channels. DBK60 expansion enclosures can be attached, each accommodating 48 channels of input. Total system capacity is 256 channels of analog input and 195 lines of digital I/O. The basic unit includes 16 analog inputs, 24 digital I/O lines, 16 high-speed digital input lines scanable up to 100 kHz, five programmable 16-bit counter/timers, and two 12-bit analog outputs.

Company: IOTECH INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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