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Data Logging Added To The Raspberry Pi

Data Logging Added To The Raspberry Pi

Pico_0822-AThe DrDAQ compact single-board data logger, from Pico Technology, adds 17 I/O channels to the Raspberry Pi. A Linux application can now have access to a 100 kHz oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, 4 digital I/Os (2 with pulse-counting input and PWM output), 24-bit RGB LED, built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, microphone and sound level sensor, resistance measuring input and pH/redox sensor input. There are also 3 inputs for the company's sensors or for custom devices that you can build yourself. DrDAQ requires just a single USB connection for power and data, and when connected to the Raspberry Pi SBC, forms a powerful data logging system that can be integrated into your custom Linux application. The company has released, for free download, a Debian driver and C++ example code, which displays a text menu that allows you to capture data, control the digital I/O pins, set up the signal generator and drive the LED.

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