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Data-Pump Kit Eases USB Development

There's no need to learn the details of the USB protocol or host drivers using Standard Microsystems' U2DP universal data-pump kit. Nor is there a need to become familiar with the functions of SMSC's device controller hardware. By simply utilizing the handful of host and firmware APIs provided by the U2DP software, developers no longer need to become USB experts to implement USB connectivity.

The U2DP kit can reduce the design ef-fort from many man-months to a matter of just a few man-weeks for most development tasks. In many systems, no firmware development or modification is required at all; minor alterations to the user's existing C++ or Visual Basic host application program are sufficient.

Prospective users can browse the U2DP software tutorial at www.smsc.com/u2dp/tutorial.html. Field-application engineers (FAEs) at SMSC's distributors (Nu Horizons and Unique Technologies in the U.S. and Insight Electronics in Europe) have been trained to support customers using the U2DP software. Additionally, SMSC provided these FAEs with their own U2DP design kits to help their custom-ers easily de-velop USB connectivity for their products.

The U2DP software for SMSC's general-purpose USB 1.1 peripheral controller, the USB97C100, provides support for Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, and XP (beta), as well as Apple's OS 9.0 and later host systems. Future support for Linux and Windows CE is planned. Updates can be readily obtained from SMSC's Web site.

Available now, the DK-97C100 U2DP design kit includes a development board, a CD with driver, dynamic link library, firmware source code, object code, debug utilities, tutorial with sample applications, and full documentation. It costs $349.

When a USB design is ready for production and silicon, designers can purchase the USB97C100 peripheral device controller chip for $7.05 each in 10,000-unit lots. Housed in a 128-pin QFP, it's now in full production. SMSC will make the U2DP available on its USB 2.0 products in the future.

Standard Microsystems Corp., 80 Arkay Dr., P.O. Box 18047, Hauppauge, NY 11788-8847; (631) 435-6000; fax (631) 273-5550; www.smsc.com.

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