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Daylight White Backlighting Strips Have 120° Beam


The OPA775 and OPA776 series of “Jacob’s Ladder” backlighting strips use daylight white LEDs and target small- and medium-size display applications where light intensity and reliability are critical. The strips feature a 120° beam angle. The OPA775 strips run on 12 V. Each OPA775 consists of one strip of 7.5-in. FR-4 board with three LEDs. One to 30 strips can be connected per bus. The OPA775 features Zierick 1286T connectors, enabling the construction of the “Jacob's Ladder.” The total current drawn by 30 strips is 3.75 A, and the strips are shipped in sets of 30. The OPA776 version matches the performance of the OPA775 devices but operates at 24 V. One OPA776 consists of two strips of 7.5-in. FR-4 board with three LEDs on each strip and a jumper wire connecting them. The OPA776 strips are shipped in sets of 60, and the total current drawn by 60 strips is 3.75 A. Luminous flux for both the OPA775 and OPA776 backlighting devices is 50 lumens per strip, with a drive current to each LED of 125 mA. Typical pricing for the OPA775 series ranges from $5.58 to $5.70 in quantities of 1000. Pricing for the OPA776 series ranges from $10.85 to $11.18 in quantities of 1000. Lead time for both devices, if stock is not available, is from six to 8 weeks. TT ELECTRONICS OPTEK, Carrollton, TX. (973) 323-2200.


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