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DC-DC Controller Manages Digital Power In Tiny Packages

A family of programmable power manager (PPM) ICs has a new addition: the SMB211 single-channel, synchronous DC-DC controller. The SMB211 offers a serial digital interface that enables it to be easily configured during development (using on-board, non-volatile memory) and re-programmed in system by host software. The result is a high-performance digitally controlled power supply design that is easily customizable without tedious hardware design cycles or complex microcontroller-style software coding. The SMB211 integrates a synchronous DC-DC step-down (buck) converter with a useful set of digital control functions. The device’s high-current drive capability allows over 10 A of output while using a wide variety of industry-standard MOSFETs. The SMB211 can operate at four different, programmable frequencies (250 kHz, 500 kHz, 750 kHz, and 1 MHz) allowing optimization of efficiency and component size. Output voltage accuracy is better than ±1%; the output voltage can be digitally set from +0.5 V to +2.5V in 10-mV steps, or from +1.0 V to +5.0 V in 20-mV steps. The SMB211 operates directly from an input voltage of +4.5 V to +13.5 V, however the external FETs can be powered from a lower voltage supply, as low as 3.3 V, if necessary. The SMB211 is offered in a thermally-enhanced, lead-free 4-mm x 4-mm, 24-pad QFN. Available now in volume, the SMB211 is priced at $0.66 each for the QFN package in lots of 10,000. SUMMIT MICROELECTRONICS, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 523-1000.


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