DC-DC Converter Shrinks Further Yet Maintains High Efficiency

DC-DC Converter Shrinks Further Yet Maintains High Efficiency

Dallas, Texas, US: The latest synchronous buck converter from Texas Instruments occupies just 125mm2 of board space and features 90% efficiency and low noise performance. According to the company, the 50mA, 60V TPS54062 can save 20mm2 more board space than other competing solutions.

The converter integrates both high- and low-side power MOSFETs. Thus, power conversion and transient protection is efficient for noise-sensitive industrial-automation, sensor-control, smart-meter, telecom, computing, and consumer designs.

This TPS54062, part of TI’s SWIFT series, can withstand high-voltage transients up to 65V while maintaining 90%efficiency at 24VIN, 5VOUT at 150kHz. It can be synchronised to a clock via fixed frequency to boost noise performance. Switching frequency range is 100 to 400kHz. The converter operates at 89µA; shutdown current is 1.7µA. 

Texas Instruments

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