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DC-DC Power Supply Reference Design Pumps Out 600 W Per Square Inch

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. recently demonstrated a reference design for a 200-W 1/16th brick, which according to Vishay, is the highest power density and lowest component count of any 1/16th brick dc-dc power supply implementation on the market.

The new reference design delivers power density of more than 600 W per square inch, which is more than 60 % higher than any previous 1/16th brick design. Offering a nominal 12-V dc output, the design operates with 95% efficiency and 40% lower power losses at 270 kHz. Its fixed duty-cycle mode provides a constant input-output voltage relationship to maximize efficiency. An Enable pin allows the module to be turned on and off for use in power-supply sequencing applications.

The heart of the new reference design is the SiP11206 controller IC, which integrates high-voltage (75-V) half-bridge MOSFET drivers with a 1.6-A current drive, as well as a full range of current monitoring and control features. The SiP11206 minimizes component count compared to other IBC implementations by eliminating the need for separate controller and high-voltage MOSFET driver components. Its half-bridge architecture further enables the use of smaller and less expensive lower-voltage components.

This low-profile brick reference design helps power module manufacturers and telecom OEMs uptake a proven design and put it into production quickly, whether as a dedicated module or as part of a power supply system. Typically the 1/16th bricks built using the design will range in output from 60 W to 200 W. However, the SiP11206 controller IC is also suited for 400- to 600-W full-bridge power supplies.

The controller IC steps down voltages with more than 95 % efficiency. It features an input voltage range of 36 to 75 V and can comfortably handle 100-V transients for 100 ms in compliance with ETSI 300-132-2. Self-driven synchronous rectification eliminates the necessity for secondary-side MOSFET drivers and isolated pulse drivers. The SiP11206 also offers a range of protection features, such as current monitoring and control circuitry.

The 1/16th brick reference design costs $200. It comes with full documentation, including schematics and PC board layouts.

Vishay Intertechnology www.vishay.com/

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