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DC/AC Inverter Powers 12-Tube Backlit LCDs

The MA series dc/ac inverter provides up to 40W of output power to LCDs backlit by up to 12 cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs). A power-boost feature uses a logic signal that increases the output of the inverter by up to 30%, making the device ideal for cold operating environments while enhancing CCF tube warm-up at start up. Tube current control is via a closed-loop design making it suitable for applications such as flat-panel displays, desktop monitors, and conference-room displays. Other features include a flicker-free, 0% to 100% brightness control. Dimming is accomplished via an on-board pulse-width modulation (PWM) generator that dims in response to an analog input voltage.
The device will also accommodate an externally-applied PWM signal for digital control of dimming. Pricing begins at $54.45 each/500 with a delivery time of four weeks ARO.

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