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DC/DC Controller Has Four Voltage Outputs

This dc-to-dc controller provides a highly integrated, flexible motherboard power solution by offering four independent voltage outputs: a synchronous switcher for VCORE, two fixed voltage FET controllers, and a precision 1.265V voltage reference pin. The buffered reference voltage can be used with external circuits to generate additional voltages, such as 3.3V for the processor I/O and 1.8V for bus termination. SC1185 dc-to-dc controller is a 5-bit DAC controlled synchronous switcher with 1% accuracy to power the core of the latest high-speed processors. Two fixed voltage n-channel FET controllers are provided. The 1.5V controller power the GTL-+ bus and the 2.5V controller powers clock circuits. The voltage reference remains on for Instantly Available PC applications if the part is powered from the 5V standby.


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