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DC/DC Converter Delivers 21A

Combining IBA-optimized loose regulation with efficiencies up to 94%, the QKS48T210120 quarter-brick dc/dc converter accepts a 36V to 75V input and provides a 12V output at 21A. The component employs a single-board design incorporating unique thermal-management techniques that claims responsibility for minimal power derating over elevated ambient temperatures. For example, 300 LFM of cooling is required to provide full power at temperatures up to 55°C. At an ambient temperature of 70°C, the converter outputs 15.7A with 200 LFM cooling. Additional features include 1.5 kVdc of input-to-output isolation, a basic safety insulation rating, the ability to start up into pre-biased loads, primary-referenced remote on/off and remote-sense interfacing, and output back-drive, output over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage lockout, and over-temperature protection. Pricing is $55 each/1,000. POWER-ONE INC., Carlsbad, CA. (866) 969-3438.


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