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DC/DC Converter Family Adds Two New Members

Designed to provide full power for any input voltage between 36V and 75V, the PKL 4119 API and PKL 4119 PI extend the PKL 4000 family of dc-to-dc converters. The PKL 4000 claims to be the highest efficiency (89%) 60A half-brick line of dc-to-dc power modules available; and at 52W/in3 at 2.5Vout, the converter claims to offer nearly double the power density of alternative products.
The 2.5V, 60A PKL 4119 API and 2.5V, 50A PKL 4119 PI, like other members of the series, utilizes synchronous rectification, planar magnetics, and a special low-resistivity pc board to ensure not only high efficiency, but also very high levels of power density.
Unlike conventional high-efficiency designs, these converters do not require series diodes for parallel operation. According to the company, this offers significant benefits in higher current operations, especially at voltages below 3V. Price of the PKL 4119 API dc-to-dc converter is $154 each/500, while the PKL 4119 PI is $144.

Company: ERICSSON INC. - Microelectronics

Product URL: Click here for more information

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