Wireless Systems Design

DC/DC Converters Address Space Restrictions

To satisfy the advanced needs of the latest-generation space-restricted datacom and wireless devices, the ALX series has been spawned. Each ALX model is 1.65 in. (41.9 mm) long by 0.8 in. (20.3 mm) wide with a 0.33-in. (8.3-mm) profile. The 50-W ALX series preserves the same quarter-brick and eighth-brick pin location assignments but with reduced length (input to output pin separation). At the same time, it maintains all of the same functionality. Being more than a third smaller than a typical eighth-brick converter, the single-output ALX models pack 15 to 20 A of output current in a convenient surface-mount package. With its small mechanical outline and power levels, which are competitive with eighth-brick devices, the ALX is ideal for applications in which board space and cost are at a premium.

The ALX series operates from a 36-V to 75-V input bus voltage. It delivers up to 20 A of current from the 1.8-V and 1.2-V models; 18 A from the 2.5-V units; and 15 A from the 3.3-V units. The power-density bar for an isolated converter is therefore raised to 114 W per cubic inch. At the same time, heat dissipation is tamed by the careful selection of key components coupled with unique board-layout techniques. The ALX series flaunts efficiencies as high as 88% for the 1.8-V model with minimal power derating at elevated ambient temperatures.

The ALX series is equipped with industry-standard features like overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), and over-temperature protection. It incorporates undervoltage lockout with hysteresis, as well as an output trim pin and an enable pin with positive or negative logic controls. The ALX models provide basic insulation from input to output. They boast a mean time between failures (MTBF) of more than one million hours. The models are priced competitively from $40.75 in OEM quantities. Samples of the 1.8-V models are available now.

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