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DC/DC Converters Ride In Vehicles

Designed for 12 or 24 vdc electrical systems, these universal vehicle regulator modules can accept an input range of 6.5 to 36 vdc. The dc-to-dc converter modules are encapsulated in a five-sided aluminum case with dimensions of 2" x 6" x 8" and with pins on top for board mounting or direct wiring. They’re also available with an optional cover assembly with Molex I/O connectors, fuse, reverse polarity and transient protection diodes. With a 6.5 vdc input, the modules maintain a constant 12V output, even under severe engine cranking conditions. Nominal output voltage is 12 vdc and output current is 6A continuous and 14A peak. Of the two outputs, one is on at all times and the other is switched on/off by a TTL logic signal applied to the control terminal.

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