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Debugger Offers Flash Programming For CANbus-Based Embedded Systems

Supporting flash memory programming for the 68HC12DG128 CAN microcontroller, the handheld Flex-BDM/68HC12DG128 background debug mode (BDM) provides full debug support for the µC's dual CAN functionality and lets developers program the entire 128K of on-board flash memory without the need for additional hardware or a separate programming voltage. The integrated EEPROM support simplifies application design and testing. The system integrates an intelligent BDM cable with firm's Flex high-level debugger software to provide a powerful, intuitive development system. In this environment, CAN data can be displayed and updated in real time as the µC executes. With the status of CAN and other special function registers displayed in English, developers need no cross reference binary values with data books. Well-suited for on-site debugging of intermittent problems, the system can be connected to the live embedded target without the need for system reset. Developers can single step C code from all memory areas, including flash and EEPROM, and configure hardware and execution breakpoints. An integrated macro language automates repetitive procedures. Developers can choose a variety of C or C++ compilers. Connection to the target is via Motorola's standard six-way BDM connector or optional 6+4-way cable.


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