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On-Demand PLM Tool Simplifies EDA-Flow Integration

Thanks to the addition of an integration layer, Arena Solutions’ Spring 06 on-demand product-lifecycle-management (PLM) tool makes it simpler to integrate the application with EDA flows. The integration layer gives users enhanced control over access to the PLM application as well as greater levels of security.

The integration layer makes it easier to make Spring 06 play nicely with applications from Oracle, Microsoft, Expandable, QAD, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and SolidWorks. It gives users the option of using managed data synchronization or off-the-shelf adaptors to link Spring 06’s PLM functionality with other enterprise applications, including mechanical CAD, EDA tools, and ERP flows. Managed data synchronizations, which include semi-automated workflows, can be helpful to new PLM adopters or to those who make less frequent updates to their integration processes.

The integration layer also features a dashboard that allows users to transparently monitor and more easily manage which other applications are integrated with Arena’s Spring 06 PLM tool. In addition, the integration dashboard enables users to easily publish specific subsets of PLM data to other enterprise systems. Through the dashboard, users can have real time visibility into what other applications are integrated with Arena PLM and greater control of their product record data.

Spring 06 also provides enhanced enterprise-class security through IP-based access control. Manufacturers can now restrict access to its PLM system based on login and IP address range. By adding a layer of security based on originating location, the PLM application provides for stronger security measures as well as more customized permissions. It also allows security and IP-conscious users to control access to their IP.

Unlike traditional software tools, Arena Spring 06 PLM application is delivered on-demand as a secure, web-based Internet service. Contact Arena Solutions directly for pricing and availability information.

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