Electronic Design

Demo Board Accelerates Eight-Bit MCU Designs

A team effort pairing Freescale Semiconductor and element14 yields the XL_STAR eight-bit MCU based development environment, debugger, and accelerometer demonstration board.  The board is a multifunction development tool for both hardware and software engineers that promises to simplify the development of code and movement detection functionality in portable, low-power designs. It combines Freescale’s MC9S08MM128 eight-bit MCU and a free version of CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers, capable of generating up to 64 KB of object code from either assembler or C source code. For migrating to 32-bit MCUs, XL_STAR also supports Freescale’s Flexis family. For further information, visit the element 14 website and/or call (800) 463-9275.

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